LSI unveils its new internet site

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LSI unveils its new internet site

Developed by Floralis, the University Joseph Fourier’s technology transfer, the new website is more detailed comprehensive, more user-friendly and most of all more accessible to its target audience of industrial contacts. A real technology think tank, the Carnot Institute LSI can offer industry the chance to discover a vast array of technologies in the spheres of transport, smart homes and system design.

The internet site brings together a wide variety of industrial offerings including :

  • Service offerings linked to the Carnot LSI’s skill base in the fields of healthcare and well-being, robotics, automisation, data analysis
  • Service offerings (technology platforms, characterisation, research studies)

These technologies reply to real socio-economic needs that stem from from changes in the way we live our lives and behave and the digital era in which we live. These changes mean that in technological terms we need to make significant progress in areas concerning security, interoperability, end-user adoption, all of which are themes that lie at the heart of the Carnot Institute’s research strategy.

In fact, the LSI does not work exclusively with Blue Chip clients as a large percentage of its time is spent working with SMEs. The institute is also responsible for putting in place a large number of partnerships with public research organsations and other Carnot Institutes elsewhere in France to add value to the project (by adding the expertise of specialists in other scientific areas). An example of such a success story that can be found on the website is the commercialisation of the “Vigi’fall” product, a device designed to raise an alarm if old people have a fall whilst at home. The transfer of this technology to the market was ensured as a result of a collaboration between the Carnot Institute and Vigilio, a Paris based SME. The venture is evidence of the institute’s work in improving the quality of life and levels of autonomy through the research that it carries out.

Floralis, the technology transfer subsidiary of the University Joseph is responsible for managing industrial relations on behalf of the Carnot Institute as well as improving business processes in order to encourage Industry to work with this important research organisation. This role consists of assisting research teams in the development and application of commercialisation strategies via its unique range of core skills that includes; marketing, communication, prospecting, and IP management.

The new site also includes an interactive extranet to facilitate the exchange of information between the Carnot institute’s advisory board, researchers, administrative services and the communication’s department (managed by Floralis). This important business tool will enable the transfer of information at all levels of the institute’s business. It will also improve levels of communication between researchers and laboratories working in different scientific areas and improving the management of joint projects.

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