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New project geared towards the creation of an intelligent, green vehicle: PIME

Rueil-Malmaison, 3rd January, 2011: The innovative PIME platform which centers on energy saving ,and in particular, a technological theme that covers intelligent “green” vehicles was launched for a planned period of three years.The PIME project, which is being driven by the New Energy department (Carnot IFP-Motors) of the Carnot Institute is working closely with the Carnot Transport Alliance (l'Alliance Transport Terrestre) whose primary objective is to reinforce research collaborations in this area. The alliance looks to leverage the skills of the following Carnot Institutes: CEA-LETI, Energies du Futur (Future Energies), ESP, I@L and IFP Motors.

PIME aims to target threeparticular strategic areas: rechargeable hybrid vehicles, information and communication technologies designed to improve energy consumption as well as “flex fuel” vehicles powered by ethanol/petrol mixes.

PIME will use IFP Energy’s rechargable hybrid demonstration vehicle, “Flex Hybrid” which is currently being developed. Two types of sensor have been proposed by CEA-LETI; imaging systems used to detect other vehicles and accelerometers used in a wireless network in the vehicle. IFP  motors will exploit the information supplied by these sensors in order to optimize the breakdown of power between a combustion engine and electric motor. The Carnot Institute, Lyon Engineering (Ingénierie@Lyon) will study the optimal placement of such sensors and also of the potential to power them via energy recuperated from vibrations. The Carnot Institute ESP will take control of the detection of identification of sensor errors and of the electromagnetic compatibility of the sensor network.

In order to power the internal combustion engine with an ethanol/petrol mix, the Carnot Institutes (IFP and ESP) will help contribute to a better understanding of fuel management. Lastly, an innovative electronic power converter will be studied by the Future Energies institute in collaboration with the IFP Motors.