This method is based on simulation exercises, observation and capture of users’ behaviour in a simulated environment. This enables anticipation of the use of a product that does not yet exist, and a better understanding of its performance.

An embedded device for prevention of bedsores


A bedsore is a ischemic tissue lesion caused by excessive, prolonged pressure. The risk of bedsores is linked to a partial or total loss of mobility either permanent or temporarily, coupled with insensitivity to pain. They affect fragile and elderly people in particular, which equates to more than 300,000 people per year in France. The increase in sores  linked to bedsores will increase by 25% from between now and 2010  according to estimates.

An innovative device to assist with spinal surgery using FluoroNavigation

Tools for the Combinatorial Generation  of Tests


This is an innovative concept intended for GPs who want to integrate 20 commonly used health procedures already being used by hundreds of doctors.


There are three key tools for each procedure:


A combination of extensive experience acquired in the pharmaceutical industry and the problems involved in data processing, extraction of relevant information, and proprietary know-how has enabled Kowok to develop an innovative methodological architecture based on unique and efficient analytical tools, which are perfectly suited to the problems prevalent in the field of Biotechnology.

Software for the monitoring and management  of clinical case studies


LSI teams are working on the modelling and representation of knowledge and data. As part of its exchanges with different practitioners from the Grenoble CHU (Teaching Hospital), they have developed software for the monitoring and management of clinical cases studies: Clinicase. The technology is easy to use and is an essential tool for the clinician enabling him/her to access all clinical cases easily and quickly in a summarised form.

The Multicom User-centric Experimentation Platform is a technology platform geared up to analyse and record the live observation of users and their behaviour

Muticom’s eye tracking technology enables the analysis of the user’s eye movement in real-time, thus reflecting the individual’s cognitive processes. The succession of jerks and “stares” result in the identification of the cognitive data capture sequence and the order in which the subject processes it.

Verification of Properties for Embedded Systems


From large public applications (transport, multimedia, telecoms) to critical applications (aerospace, aeronautics), embedded systems integrate an infinitely increasing number of functionalities. In order to guarantee the performance of these systems – real-time, safety/security, consumption, etc. – complex verifications are required at each stage of development from the initial stages of the design flow until the hardware prototyping.