Software tools for assistance in decision-making and data analysis


Kowok has extensive experience of the problems involved in data processing, extraction of relevant information and possesses proprietary know-how to help with decision-making processes. This range of skills and know-how has enabled the development of an innovative methodological architecture based on unique and efficient analytical tools perfectly suited to a wide range of applications.


  • Expertise: Perfect command of technological skills
  • Performance: Very high-performance tools for extraction of  information and knowledge creation. Remarkable results can be obtained when used as a means of facilitating medical diagnostics
  • Reliability:.A fast and reliable means of improving the auditing/decision making process, particularly where specialised resources are not available
  • Flexibility: A decision-making architecture with a powerful modularity suitable for all types of data.
  • Reproducibility: An innovative reporting language that provides reproducibility of the construction process for the decision-making system.

Service Offering

Kowok can offers you its expertise and know-how via several services:

  • Auditing your current  tools in order to facilitate the decision-making process
  • Software Research and Development
  • In licensing opportunities for our propriety software


The architecture of the decision-making assistance system is divided into 3 stages:

  • The INTERNALISATION stage involves the acquisition of data and understanding of the problems and their context.
  • The DATA-PROCESSING stage indentifies and extracts important information necessary for the construction of a decision-making knowledge model.
  • The EXTERNALISATION stage ensures the operational integration of the decision-making knowledge model within the client’s information system.

Processus d'analyse de données de Kowok 

Areas of Application

  • E-Reputation
  • Personalised Marketing
  • Business analytics
  • Fraud Detection (credit card, references)
  • Identification of targets in drug development campaigns