Moving Towards Embedded Circuits and Applications Resistant to Radiation

Many bugs in embedded systems are caused by environment fluctuations (temperature, pressure, EM field, etc.). In severe conditions (high altitude, space, nuclear sites etc.), high energy particles, particularly neutrons, are a major cause of errors, which can lead to transitional errors ("soft errors"), permanent failures or even the loss of components. Evaluation of sensitivity to radiation is therefore essential for the components and applications intended to be embedded in severe environments.
The teams at LSI will accompany you at each step of process for testing and improvement of the reliability of your integrated circuits.


  • Recognised expertise in qualification of integrated circuits and embedded applications
  • Innovative methods and tools for radiation sensitivity testing
  • Solutions for optimisation of reliability

Service Offering

  • Hardware and software prototyping necessary for testing
  • Injection of faults at different levels of abstraction
  • Intervention in the development of all types of complex components (ASIC memory, processors, converters)
  • Testing subject to neutrons and heavy ions
  • Online monitoring of measurement campaigns
  • The possibility of carrying out testing in a natural environment (balloon, aeroplane, high-altitude)

Our Resources

  • A radiation testing platform to determine the static resistance of your components
  • Non-intrusive and interactive simulation tools for online study of the dynamic resistance of your dedicated applications
  • Synergy between static and dynamic measures to determine the effective reliability of your embedded systems.

Areas of Application

  • Transport
  • Aerospace
  • Telecommunications
  • Defence
  • Nuclear Technology
  • Biomedical Technology

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