Tools for the Combinatorial Generation  of Tests


The teams at LSI, internationally recognised for their work in validation and software testing, are using their know-how to perfect tools for the automatic generation of tests. In order to generate the largest number of tests and thus improve error detection, the teams have developed Tobias. With the help of a description using a “test diagram” that shows an abstract view of all tests to be generated, Tobias systematically generates all possible outcomes.


  • Powerful : TOBIAS allows concise expression of test results. In a few lines, the test engineer can formulate a diagram that generates up to one million tests. The systematic character of the tests and their large numbers considerably improves error detection. Tests are redefined by redefining the diagram, which produces enormous gains in productivity.
  • Adaptable : TOBIAS adapts to all types of problem and all types of language, thanks to the expression of independent abstract tests on the targeted technology. You can therefore use it independently from your choice of technology, whether you are developing web sites, databases,HMI (Human-Machine Interface), embedded systems or other systems.
  • Easy-to-use : TOBIAS relieves the tester of repetitive tasks enabling him to concentrate on the creative aspects of test generation. It was designed to be usable by non-experts.
  • Design Assistance : TOBIAS was developed to help the user in the design of tests. The user provides a test diagram that is “unfolded” by TOBIAS and transformed into executable tests.

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Figure 1 shows a view of the entire tool and its environment. The starting point for the generation is the description of methods for signatures of the application types being tested. On this basis, the user defines, with the help of the tool, “test diagrams” that are an abstract description of all of the tests to be carried out. The tool can then apply these diagrams onto a large number of test data, test cases, or test objectives (depending on the context). In most cases, the tool simply provides test data that is intended to seek out the application to be tested.

The test oracle is then provided by an executable specification of the application. A test pilot thus searches for the application and the oracle in order to produce various test results (errors and, if necessary, cover ).

The test pilot can be a standard tool, such as JUnit, but we have designed versions that are specific to TOBIAS and that exploit test similarities to optimise their execution. For practical purposes, the tool enables the generation of test objectives the TGV tool, or test cases for VDM, Java/JML System C. In any case, an (executable) specification of the application is necessary.



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