Software for the monitoring and management  of clinical case studies


LSI teams are working on the modelling and representation of knowledge and data. As part of its exchanges with different practitioners from the Grenoble CHU (Teaching Hospital), they have developed software for the monitoring and management of clinical cases studies: Clinicase. The technology is easy to use and is an essential tool for the clinician enabling him/her to access all clinical cases easily and quickly in a summarised form.


  • User-friendly: Clinicase enables simple and fast data capture to detail clinical cases. Documents are attached with a single click (images, text documents). Search modules integrated into Clinicase allow the practitioner to easily find the relevant case. A statistics module provides them with an overall view of their work and an analysis {of the service]  .
  • Ergonomics: Clinicase was designed in collaboration with hospital practitioners. The introduction of users’ needs during its development enabled the design of ergonomic software perfectly suited to a wide variety of clinical cases.
  • Customizable: Clinicase has a characteristics management module that allows each user to configure the extraction of clinical case studies, whether in terms of individual fields or broader search terms . ALL of the terms displayed onscreen are customizable.

Service Offering

  • Licensing
  • Specific development


Clinicase is a web application that is compatible with all common browsers.:


  • Secure connection
  • Administration  of rights
  • Search  by code (personal codification )
  • Search by free text field
  • Automated input suggestions
  • Profession characteristics management module 
  • Customization of fields (text and input method)Interface de consultation de cas de Clinicase
  • Linking of documents to medical cases
  • Recording of information concerning the patient
  • Recording of information concerning the patient’s contact details
  • Recording of patient numbers in the hospital
  • Recording of clinical data (Etiology, Diagnostics, Treatments, Comorbidity)
  • Addition of documents to clinical cases
  • Preview of images
  • Fast visualisation of real-size images
  • Addition / Deletion / Modification of cases
  • Simplified search
  • Customizable advanced search
  • Acceleration of searches by reindexing
  • Search using total relevance limits
  • Search attached documents
  • Export in XML or CSV format


  • Orthopaedics
  • Surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Paediatrics, etc .

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