A combination of extensive experience acquired in the pharmaceutical industry and the problems involved in data processing, extraction of relevant information, and proprietary know-how has enabled Kowok to develop an innovative methodological architecture based on unique and efficient analytical tools, which are perfectly suited to the problems prevalent in the field of Biotechnology.

Service Offering

Kowok’s activity is in keeping with one of the challenges faced in biomedical research identified by both the FDA ("Critical Path") in North America, and the Innovative Medicines Initiative in Europe. The offering is positioned towards the critical stages that can lead to the development of diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Approche Critical PathApproche Critical Path


In order to tackle the main problem of the limited availability of biological markers, Kowok can offer you its expertise and know-how in data-mining and statistics, along with its thorough knowledge of the field of Biotechnology, to meet your demands concerning the identification and validation of biomarkers for the production of diagnostic tests or biomedicines.

Kowok uses its proven methodology and its innovative tools along with the Bioconductor platform to efficiently counter the problems in high dimensionality on sources and heterogeneous data formats in order to provide you with a translational research service capable of accelerating the development of diagnostic and therapeutic applications .


The architecture of the decision-making assistance system is divided into 3 stages:


  • The INTERNALISATION stage: Acquisition of data. Understanding of the problems involved and their context.
  • The DATA-PROCESSING stage: Identification of relevant information. Construction of analytical knowledge and decision-making models.
  • The EXTERNALISATION stage: transfer of technology, reporting and software for the operational integration of the knowledge model.


  • Expertise: Perfect command of technological skills as above
  • Performance: Very high-performance tools for extraction of  information and identification of knowledge model
  • Reliability: A reliable and fast auditing methodology especially suitable when minimal resources are  available for resolving data mining issues . Compliance with regulatory authorities.
  • Flexibility: An analytical and decision-making architecture with a strong modularity that is suitable for all types of data.
  • Reproducibility: An innovative reporting language that provides reproducibility of the analysis and construction process for the decision-making system.

Areas of Application

  • Onco-diagnostics
  • Biomedicine
  • The Food Industry
  • The Environment
  • Cosmetics


Quality Standards

Medical equipment standards: GLP (21CFR58), GCP (ICH-E9, ICH-E6), GMP (ICH-Q7) and 21CFR11

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