An embedded device for prevention of bedsores


A bedsore is a ischemic tissue lesion caused by excessive, prolonged pressure. The risk of bedsores is linked to a partial or total loss of mobility either permanent or temporarily, coupled with insensitivity to pain. They affect fragile and elderly people in particular, which equates to more than 300,000 people per year in France. The increase in sores  linked to bedsores will increase by 25% from between now and 2010  according to estimates.

Vigi-Sore: innovative technology based on using the concept of perceptive temporary replacement



Vigi-Sore: a validated device

  • Monocentric clinical validation carried out by the Grenoble CIC-CHU (Clinical Investigation Centre at the Teaching Hospital)
  • Multicentric clinical validation carried out on 10 subjects with medullar injuries
  • Ergonomic validation: a participative design study carried out by cognitic ergonomists on 12 paraplegics
  • Validation of acceptability carried out by an innovation management team on a sample of paraplegics.

Vigi-Sore: strong development potential

The VIGI-SORE technology is involved in 2 main areas of development:

  • Miniaturisation of the device
  • Feedback using lingual electro-stimulation coupled with actuators
  • A system for the acquisition and processing of data concerning the activity of a paraplegic: a monitoring and learning study


  • A real-time detection and alert system
  • A discreet and adjustable device
    • Future users will be able to choose their device from the range of bracelets, watches, and (in the future) lingual retainers on offer
  • Assistance with home support for the elderly and paraplegics
  • Improved user autonomy
    • Vigi-Sore is an innovative solution that offers a better quality of life for the most fragile
  • It contributes to the reduction in the overall healthcare costs of healthcare establishments, in particular HH (Home Hospitalisation)
    • By offering more reliable prevention, Vigi-Sore reduces the causes of rehospitalisation

Vigi-Sore: protected technology

It is unique and innovative technology that is protected by a patent pool (Patent No. FR0756850, No. PCT/EP2008/059276, No. FR 04/51319, No. PCT/FR2005/050490)

The company IDS SA is associated with the development and use of the Vigi-Sore product.

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