Testing Platform for Home Automation


The Domus platform enables the testing of compatibility, usefulness and usability of innovaitve products and services in the field of home automation. These criteria allow the validation and evaluation of new products and new solutions for users, whether they are end users, electricians, builders, maintenance and management staff, or other stakeholders involved in the field of home automation.


  • Confirmation of the interoperability of equipment and services. Validation of adherence to technical standards
  • One-stop-shop for all resources, standards, systems available for realistic and complex environmental innovation.
  • Validation of products and concepts; evaluation of models and prototypes.
  • Enables the design from scratch of a smart home offering that replies to the unique demands of the client.

Service Offering:

  • Technical validation of the interoperability and compatibility of innovative products and services  operating with the KNX standard and with each other, using certified procedures.
  • Assistance in management of construction for residents(Level 1.) User-focused design (standard ISO 13407) for human-machine interfaces that allow the user to find out about the smart home installation and the status of the building. Ergonomic analysis
  • Assistance in management of construction for residents (Level 2). User-focused design (standard ISO 13407) for human-machine interfaces that enable centralised control of the building. Integration of services to help with building management . Ergonomic analysis.
  • Automated building management . Automatic configuration of settings related to the comfort and needs of the user.

Technological Standards:

The platform includes the following equipment:

  • A network infrastructure following KNX standards that supports various protocols, such as Wifi, Zigbee, CPL, etc.
  • A KNX/IP and ADSL link
  • A high-speed network, and a multipoint telephone network
  • Proximity sensor systems (RFID wall and floor sensors), environmental systems(exterior and interior meteorological sensors for humidity and temperature), intrusion sensor/actuator systems, surveillance systems, localisation systems (infrared, Wateco)
  • Flow and level measurement systems (water and air flowmeters)
  • Sensory actuator systems: acoustic (micro HF sockets in the walls and speaker outputs), odours (artificial nose and air-quality measurement), movement (inertials, accelerometers, geomagnets), touch (by capacitive contact contrat, by impact with analysis of vibratory effects, by piezoelectric pressure).
  • Light sensors/actuators (brightness, intensity, colour temperature, shutters, lamps, infrared barrier, fibre optic distortion), comfort, remote controllable transparent walls, digital display materials
  • Servers that support application software: a system of energy management (only simulated), a light- and comfort-management system, a log system, wall-mounted and embedded control interfaces (multimodal and tangible), configuration and/or installation interfaces.

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