Multicom : Oculometry

Muticom’s eye tracking technology enables the analysis of the user’s eye movement in real-time, thus reflecting the individual’s cognitive processes. The succession of jerks and “stares” result in the identification of the cognitive data capture sequence and the order in which the subject processes it.


  • Understand user navigation processes
  • Provide additional information essential to a good evaluation 
  • Useful tool for the optimisation of  websites and multimedia documents.

Service Offering

  • Studies of strategies for data capture
  • Quantified observation of user behaviourability
  • Evaluation of interactive documents

How it works

The subject is placed in front of an oculometry screen, and the observer then sends them a predefined sequence of visual stimuli (websites, images, films, software, CDs etc.) with instructions to search for information. The camera placed below the screen records their eye movement.

Potential applications of this method

This non-intrusive method is highly suitablle as part of the evaluation of websites or software. It enables you to monitor data capture in real-time and record the user’s decisions and thought process. The behavioural data captured helps to understand the users’ cognitive behaviour in order to provide the designer with practical recommendations for improvements.

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