Multicom: User-centric Experimentation platform

The Multicom User-centric Experimentation Platform is a technology platform geared up to analyse and record the live observation of users and their behaviour


  • The very flexible and modular architecture allows the platform to adapt to a diverse range of experimentation and to support a wide variety of fields including: home automation, culture, smart environments, remote learning, mobility, etc.
  • In some cases, experimentation "in the field" can be undertaken in order to observe users in their environment.
  • Ongoing audits of the technological environment ensures that the platform is contantly being updated

Service Offering

  • Observation and data capture of human behaviour
  • Scenario Experimentation
  • Simulations and evaluation of interactive systems

How does it work?

The platform is made up of hardware and software resources. Working space is reserved permanently for experimentation. A control system enables live capture and recording of users’ behaviour. A large modular panel, dedicated to experimentation, is used to create real or simulated interaction environments.
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