Man-machine interaction

Methods for analysis of user interactivity and evaluation of product-user compatibility today are held more and more in high esteem by designers of innovative products. We have lost count of the number of products that owe their success to their intuitive and user-friendly design, and conversely those that owe their failure to uniquely “geek-friendly” ergonomics.

With numerous skills and innovative methods that are recognised in this field, the teams at LSI Carnot can offer you many services and tools for the design of your products. The range of skills available in this area covers in particular ergonomics, sociology, behavioural neurosciences, and ethics.


Offers / Man-machine interaction

Air Mouse

Contactless control of your PC


With broad experience acquired in the disciplinary fields of Man-Machine Interaction, the LSI teams’ research is currently working on a promising technology involving a contactless interaction system controlled by forefinger movement. Air Mouse involves the use of a finger placed over the keyboard to interact with an application in bi or tri-dimensional space. Its numerous qualities make it...


Biomechanical solutions

Biomechanics involves the principles of construction of the human organism and the relationships between the structures and functions of the body. The biomechanical modelling of "man in motion" that we are developing allows the estimation of internal variables of the human body that are not directly measurable. For example: muscle strength, joint strength, ligament strain, strain on an organ...

Computerised Health Procedures


This is an innovative concept intended for GPs who want to integrate 20 commonly used health procedures already being used by hundreds of doctors.


There are three key tools for each procedure:

  • An input mask: an excellent decision-making tree that is perfectly suited to the problem, which integrates basic knowledge and remains very close to the...


Testing Platform for Home Automation


The Domus platform enables the testing of compatibility, usefulness and usability of innovaitve products and services in the field of home automation. These criteria allow the validation and evaluation of new products and new solutions for users, whether they are end users, electricians, builders, maintenance and management staff, or other stakeholders...

Multicom : Anticipation of user activity

This method is based on simulation exercises, observation and capture of users’ behaviour in a simulated environment. This enables anticipation of the use of a product that does not yet exist, and a better understanding of its performance.


  • Collect data about the user’s experience when first coming into contact with new technology
  • Anticipate the use of a product before it is developed
  • Validate the potential of some...