Man-machine interaction

Methods for analysis of user interactivity and evaluation of product-user compatibility today are held more and more in high esteem by designers of innovative products. We have lost count of the number of products that owe their success to their intuitive and user-friendly design, and conversely those that owe their failure to uniquely “geek-friendly” ergonomics.

With numerous skills and innovative methods that are recognised in this field, the teams at LSI Carnot can offer you many services and tools for the design of your products. The range of skills available in this area covers in particular ergonomics, sociology, behavioural neurosciences, and ethics.


Offers / Man-machine interaction

Multicom: User-centric Experimentation platform

The Multicom User-centric Experimentation Platform is a technology platform geared up to analyse and record the live observation of users and their behaviour


  • The very flexible and modular architecture allows the platform to adapt to a diverse range of experimentation and to support a wide variety of fields including: home automation, culture, smart environments, remote...

Multicom : Oculometry

Muticom’s eye tracking technology enables the analysis of the user’s eye movement in real-time, thus reflecting the individual’s cognitive processes. The succession of jerks and “stares” result in the identification of the cognitive data capture sequence and the order in which the subject processes it.


  • Understand user navigation processes
  • Provide...