Software Engineering

Software engineering methods and development methodologies are essential tools for IT professionals  as their economic impact is ultimately very important (development costs, the quality and future-proofing of the product, maintenance, stability, usage).

Internationally recognised in their field, and the driving force behind much of the existing technology and methodology in socio-economic terms, the teams at the Carnot Institute LSI possess high levels of skill in the field of software engineering.

The areas of application for this technology apply to the design of interfaces, critical systems, embedded systems, autonomous software architectures, distributed architectures, information systems, and the ergonomics of interfaces.


Offers / Software Engineering


Tools for the Combinatorial Generation  of Tests


The teams at LSI, internationally recognised for their work in validation and software testing, are using their know-how to perfect tools for the automatic generation of tests. In order to generate the largest number of tests and thus improve error detection, the teams have developed Tobias. With the help of a...

Tools and Infrastructures for Smart Homes


With the current technological boom in smart homes, where communication protocols are multiplying at both hardware and software levels, the teams at LSI Carnot can offer you their internationally recognised expertise together with a range of software solutions that ensure software interoperability within a mixed and dynamic range of communicating objects.