Testing and Validation of Systems

From the very first stages of design flow for an embedded system, testing stages ensure system performance and therefore save precious time in preparation for a market launch.

Partners with many stakeholders in the field of embedded systems, the LSI Carnot Institute is developing tools for computer assisted design and hardware validation for digital or mixed systems (real-time criticality, consumption, safety/security, etc.) and software (network protocols, control /command, etc.).

The Carnot Institute LSI can provide you with its own tools or develop custom tools specific to your problems.


Offers / Testing and Validation of Systems


Tools for the Combinatorial Generation  of Tests


The teams at LSI, internationally recognised for their work in validation and software testing, are using their know-how to perfect tools for the automatic generation of tests. In order to generate the largest number of tests and thus improve error detection, the teams have developed Tobias. With the help of a...