Digitale: Multitouch, touch sensitive tables

Digitale is a manufacturer of touch-sensitive,multimedia tables, that can be operated by several people at a time; however the Business Unit’s core business lies in the development of software and applications for multimedia furniture.

The Carnot Institute for Software and Intelligent Systems (LSI) is supporting this fledgling business, currently in incubation, by financing an end of study internship for the project leaders. “There is a natural fit between Digitale’s core technology and the Carnot Institute’s development strategy. It therefore seemed natural to help the team in whatever way we can”: stated Elise Taillant, Business Manager at Floralis, the organization responsible for managing the technology transfer process and promoting the commercial interests of the institute.
Digitale’s tables are based on cutting-edge technology, and the team is finding that the tables are becoming increasingly attractive to Industry. The evidence of such interest, was visible in the “Experimenta” trade fair organized by the CEA in Grenoble in October, 2012, where the team presented the table complete with a range of dedicated applications. “The table created a huge amount of interest amongst both the general public and the professional visitors to the event”: stated Renaud Collin, who will become CEO of Digitale when the company is created in 2013.

The tables can be made to measure in order to reply to the specific needs of businesses but off-the-shelf versions of the product are also available for hire for workshops or trade fairs.

But the real added value of Digitale lies in the development of the software that the Business Unit develops for its multimedia tables.The expertise that the team has acquired is not only rare, due to the relative youth of this whole technological genre, but also very relevant, and has so far enabled them to develop applications for leisure, educational and commercial applications.

An additional selling-point of Digitale’s tables is their “mutli-touch” functionality. A limitation of some multimedia tables is that they do not allow several people to interact with the device at the same time. Digitale’s tables can be used by up 7 users simultaneously, enabling users to look at photo galleries, 3D demonstrations, and video clips amongst other content, simultaneously.