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In this section you will find all of the technology stemming from the LSI Carnot Institute that is currently available for in-licensing (Patents, Software). These licences can be further enhanced with know-how based service offering to ensure that the licences are successfully integrated into your business. (Skills transfer, Training, Technical Assistance, Co-development etc.)


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An embedded device for prevention of bedsores


A bedsore is a ischemic tissue lesion caused by excessive, prolonged pressure. The risk of bedsores is linked to a partial or total loss of mobility either permanent or temporarily, coupled with insensitivity to pain. They affect fragile and elderly people in particular, which equates to more than 300,000 people per year in France. The increase in sores  linked to bedsores...

Digitale: Multitouch, touch sensitive tables

Digitale is a manufacturer of touch-sensitive,multimedia tables, that can be operated by several people at a time; however the Business Unit’s core business lies in the development of software and applications for multimedia furniture.

The Carnot Institute for Software and Intelligent Systems (LSI) is supporting this fledgling business, currently in incubation, by financing an end of study internship for the project leaders. “There is a natural fit between Digitale’s core technology...