Audio Digital Tattooing


Software tools for marking audio files


The time-frequency tattooing technology developed by the teams at LSI Carnot enables the dissimulation   of data in an audio file, independent from the digital format and therefore from the relevant media file. One of the main applications of this technology is the traceability of audio content.

Advantages :

No deterioration in listening quality

  • Independent from the digital format
  • Resistance  to computer manipulations
  • Multi-format and multi-platform development of multimedia applications
  • Content traceability
  • Extra protection to digital encryption
  • Better flexibility than DRM


Service Offering :

  • R&D service
  • Licensing of the software module
  • Consultancy with regards to security of multimedia content


Technology :


Audio tattooing technology is based on the insertion of a digital signature or mark into a time-frequency representation of the audio signal. The signature is inaudibly incorporated into the transmitted signal.

The insertion of the signature is to guarantee its integrity despite disruption from eventual pirating and possible modifications of the encoding format that this would cause.

“Detector” software is configured by the “tattooist” in order to extract signals recorded by marks that they own.  The size of the mark is variable and can contain a lot of information about the source of the work or the recording context.


Industrial References :

  • iKIAx


Areas of Application

  • Download of secure audio content
  • Traceability of audio work
  • Download reporting
  • Audio reporting