Intelligent buildings

Smart Homes

A major key to resolving environment related issues, the smart home can further enhance security and comfort in the home. Ergonomics, sensor and interface design, communication networks, independent software architectures and data fusion are the key technological issues that need to be solved in order to meet the socio-economic issues associated with smart homes.

The teams of the LSI Carnot Institute are designing and developing innovative solutions to all of the problems surrounding smart homes, from technical management applications to buildings in the service sector and home automation solutions for private individuals. Our offering includes:

  • Expertise, design, hardware and software validation, data fusion.
  • Off-the-shelf tools including software to help with the design of embedded systems, tools for software testing, innovative sensors, smart interfaces and solutions for the architecture of intelligent buildings.
  • A wide range of research collaboration on the technical management of the building, home support and comfort.


Offers / Intelligent buildings

Tools and Infrastructures for Smart Homes


With the current technological boom in smart homes, where communication protocols are multiplying at both hardware and software levels, the teams at LSI Carnot can offer you their internationally recognised expertise together with a range of software solutions that ensure software interoperability within a mixed and dynamic range of communicating objects.



An embedded device for prevention of bedsores


A bedsore is a ischemic tissue lesion caused by excessive, prolonged pressure. The risk of bedsores is linked to a partial or total loss of mobility either permanent or temporarily, coupled with insensitivity to pain. They affect fragile and elderly people in particular, which equates to more than 300,000 people per year in France. The increase in sores  linked to bedsores...